Where’s Baa Bedwards?

Edwards is leaving NPR!

After they dumped him in April, Edwards had agreed to stay on as “senior correspondent.” But now Edwards is leaving to join a new satellite radio network, XM Satellite Radio. Check out the story at NPR:

Sources tell NPR’s Rick Karr on condition of anonymity that by early next week, Edwards will be named host of a new morning program. NPR erred in reporting earlier that Edwards’ program would involve Public Radio International.

Also, a piece in the Washington Post:

Starting Oct. 4, Edwards will host his own morning show on a new channel being launched by XM, as the growing subscription radio service makes its move into public-radio programming.

Oh, and I got this stuff from Chicago Public Radio’s comments section.

5 Responses

  1. too late. only if people have made enough noice to save him with NPR.

  2. who is baa bedwards

  3. i liked all of it

  4. i liked all of it

  5. I dunno, more than 30,000 people wrote and phoned NPR
    they were sorta determined to have him leave.

    I miss Bob Edwards nearly every morning 😦
    I ha–dislike very much steve inkeep however you spell his name.

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