Streaming (of consciousness)�

Every time I drive on 294, I get overwhelmed with luxury around me. I drive a 2000 Camry, in nearly perfect condition. Nothing�s broken. It drives fast. AC works. Radio, tape player, and the CD player work.

The toll-way has eight lanes most of the way, and then six. I don�t often encounter traffic, and when I do, it�s okay. There�s a lot to think about.

The road is smooth, the sky is blue. Where there aren�t green trees bordering the two sides, there is a tall beige wall. I come to a toll stop, and I don�t have to stop, because I have an I-pass�I can go 60 miles right through the stops.

I privileged in many ways� I�ve got personal possessions, my laptop for instance and my books, which a majority of the world can�t dream of. I have enough to get a graduate degree. Today, my mother was going shopping and she asked if I needed anything. I need nothing� nothing at all. I�ve got every material object I need.

I�m grateful for my life and living. But realization like that brings responsibility, which I would rather forget.

4 Responses

  1. best blog entry ever.

    that last line really rings true.

  2. Alhamdulilah i Rabbulalamin

  3. Ditto here. And I want to do something about it, fulfill that ‘responsibility’. But everyone seems so apathetic sometimes, I guess you always have to start on your own.


  4. wow! how amazing. i’ve searched all night for something that could connect with my own personal image of my self and what i have…
    “Draw me near oh God, strip away my pride, so i can see your face.” wow, to actually be stripped away of everything now as in today, would be to have everything most people dream of.

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