Saraji’s Quiz

Just cuz it’s fun:

My Own Dumb Quiz
If you could be instantly fluent in three languages, what would they be? Arabic, Urdu, Spanish
Which talent or skill did you always wish you had? To be able to bring my index finger together with my thumb and instantly change minds (like jedi knights)
Favorite place to take a vacation? currently, Vermont
What’s your dream job? middle-school principal
If you had $500 to spend in a bookstore, which section would you head to first? online bookstore, I would be in the “education” section. Otherwise history and reference
Favorite Islamic lecturer? Mukhtar Mougraoui
Chore you hate the most. filing
Favorite dinner food? spinach kofta curry
Favorite car? Camry
Favorite type of weather? thunderstorms and cool+sunny
Favorite blog (there is only one correct answer to this). Ba ha. currently, A star from Mosul
Favorite computer / video game?
Top 3 fave films? I’m film illiterate. But here it goes anyway: Lord of the Rings-Return of the King, Matrix (just the first one), Little Princess

2 Responses

  1. salaams: :: big grin :: Ok, what is the Star from Mosul blog? I might have to go looking for that one.

  2. Yaay! I have a comment from non-family!


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