their convention

On Sept. 14, 2001 I watched the ceremonies in the National Cathedral from a big tv in a student lounge. I stood with hundreds of others during the prayers and the songs. I was confused, upset, and frightened. I was specially frightened when they sang the battle hymn of the republic. All the instruments and the thousands of voices singing this together made me feel as though they were all going to march over me. It felt horribly selfish to be thinking of myself, but I couldn’t stop during that song.

I like to think I have come a long way since that time. I can think of others. I have a better understanding of power, and who’s hands its in; and I understand that verse about the best of planners from the Quran.

Yesterday, listening to Pataki and Bush speak, I was again very frightened. But not really for myself. I was afraid of all the hate and fear in people they were appealing to. How their words were chosen to divide and to create hatred. I was afraid that their lies were becoming real in people’s minds. Sunni Sister describes it all very well. And I kept thinking of the children, specially in Beslan.

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