Ramadan Mubarak :)

Day 1 was great!

The house still smells the same (and that’s bad because of the water heater semi-explosion) and the weather was just the same as the day before, it’s overcast and windy; we’re expecting snow flurries today. I’m hoping the trees shed al their leaves before the first real snow.

As always in Ramadan, there’s something added (or maybe missing) from the air (not literally); it seems both more quite and more full. It was much stronger when I was younger. Now, I have to fight with myself and create it, because its so simple to ignore the month and carry on as normal, even while fasting. So I’ve been taking account of the miutes, and trying to fill them up with Good.

2 Responses

  1. Snow ALREADY :O :O

  2. didn’t happen 🙂

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