What’s all this chatter?

I started the blog because I wanted to write regularly, and because I often feel like cleaning out my extremely messy mind. It’s an urge to straighten up the odds and ends, and put my feeling and perceptions, and the nagging pictures and sounds in my mind into some cohesive format.

I also look for connection through blogs and blogging. I don’t mean that I’m trying to look for a best friend (he he). I mean that I want to feel more in community with my fellow Muslims. I want to see how they are responding to all these new global situations. I want to see how they’re changing the world. I want to be inspired to be better; I’m looking for my mirrors.

So, I talk and I hear others talking. And usually it’s something I like, but other times it’s excessive. It’s like having mixing in too much sugar in your coffee, and gold decorations in masjids, and those pictures every kid made in third grade with the regulation tree and the house on the side and grass on the ground and the sun looking down from the upper left corner, with neat lines for rays of sunlight. Sometimes, it’s just not relevant. Maybe a little like this posting?

3 Responses

  1. Won’t comment on the relevancy, but I like the imagery in the second to the last sentence. =)

    your post reminds me of that song/poem:

    “lines fill up with idle chatter,
    if we fill our void that’s all that matters

    why are the drums so silent?
    why can’t we hear the rythem of believers marching to the Gardens as they strive…”

  2. same here .. i was bored cuz i was begining to hate chatting and i know i could write better, but i never got the time and in the end my blog turned out to be totally different ..

    now i just paste the lyrics of the songs i am listening ..

    u might have seen photoblogs .. audio blogs .. but never a lyrics blog ..

    i shud start writing now .. hehe ..

  3. Great blog. Keep it up.



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