Time alone

Back when I was in eleventh grade, my last year in high school, Ingrid taught me Islamic Studies. We did Duties of Brotherhood in Islam, a section from Ahya Ulum Uddin translated by Muthar Holland, then we discussed Ethics of Disagreement in Islam. I remember a lot of those classes vividly, even so many years after. One thing that intrigued me then was that Ingrid thought every person should have alone time, should have time to when they had to deal just with themselves. It’s important for people to grow spiritually. Of course she wasn’t advocating that we become hermits, just that we were comfortable with ourselves when we are alone. Of course the Prophet knew this and made those trips to the mountains to be able to think and reflect. Strange as it may be, I find that long car rides do the same for me.

Other notes:
I’ve gotten my student teaching placement in a district considered failing under NCLB. If I didn’t understand NCLB better, I’d be worried.

I’m going to start taking a minute in the mornings to write about what it is I’ve gained form my Quran reading. That may be helpful to me.

One Response

  1. agreed with that alone part …

    but some people like me over indulge and cant help turning hermits .. :/

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