needing a job

Hey, if you happen to know good schools looking for a good teacher in the Chicago area, let me know. Thanks.

Yesterday I had an interview, which I brilliantly scheduled for 8am. I was hardly awake, even though I normally wake at 5:00 everyday. I kept waking up at night. At first I thought it was time, but it was just 1:00 and I had gone to bed at 11. So, I tried to sleep for an hour. Then, I got up and wrote a brilliant personal statement for an application. Seriously, it’s brilliant. So good that I don’t know if I want to put it up here, at least not until I get the job.

The interview seemed to go smoothly… But it was so quick! Are normal job interviews, for serious jobs for professionals, normally just 25 mins?? It’s the only thing that’s making me nervous, except of course my MA, which is a big factor for schools having financial troubles (by union agreements, a person with an MA can’t just settle for a lower pay because the school can’t afford it; so, sometimes that factors in a district’s decision about who they should hire).

I’m seriously considering applying to a Muslim school. I really love the kids, which I think outweighs my frustration with the system and the folks who make decisions. I don’t know. Please make duaas.

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  1. i just had an interview for my current job that lasted 20 minutes. granted, it was a first interview, but even the follow up interview lasted no more than 10 minutes! i think as long as they have your resume and people to verify your honesty/ability/saneness, they just want to put a face to the name and see what kind of personality you have. best o’ luck to ye!

  2. the chicago lab schools have a science teacher opening for middle school

  3. Baj, thanks for the kind words!

    Ananymous, thank you for the tip. I should mention though that my area is Language Arts and Literature.

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