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I’ve had a bad couple of days—the sort when you feel sorry for yourself because of your supposed misfortunes. Reading Surah Fajr helps, very much. Also today, this commentary pushed me out of my “me-me” mood. I’ve heard Democratic leaders talking about their apology for lynching in the South. But, it’s a totally empty statement. How does it help anyone now? What sacrifice does it require? Mr. Franklin (in his commentary on NPR) puts it in perspective: tawba requires one to correct the wrong, not to simply say sorry when it has all been done. Do those senators feel good about their meaningless apology? What will they do to really remove this stain in the soul of America? What will we all do?

2 Responses

  1. *hiccups*

  2. reading fajar really does help, as does praying yaaseen in the morning. If i pray both, my day usually goes extremly well

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