Thoughts on the past few weeks

Maybe this blog is dead.

I just updated the blogroll. Some blogs are becoming like my own: cobwebs. I linked also to the best photoblog in the world, dailydoseofimagery. It rocks. Check it out.

In other news, since by definition a personal blog is self-centered, I was getting ready to go to class when I heard, or rather read via the net, about the London bombings. As always with these terrorist attacks, I got very jittery and nervous. I discovered a lot about my own selfishness and the goodness of others that day. There’s a jerk in my middle level education class. He laughs when I speak. But since I laugh all the time, I think the class tolerates me quite well.. I blend in well despite myself.

Of course, the news lately has been so depressing. I can’t believe they were British raised Muslims who did this apparently. Why why why? In other news, NeoCon Muslim haters continue to smear the fifth of the world that’s Muslim. Juan Cole and Avari give rebuttal to Tom Freedman. Others call for genocide. Ahh! I’m sure other’s have been through this. We just have to keep doing what’s good and fighting against what’s bad.

Personally speaking, I’ve got no job yet for the Fall, which probably should be my prime worry, but it’s not. I’m trying to complete work for my classes as much as I can before relatives from Pakistan and Toronto are here to celebrate their vacation with our family.

Make duaa.

Oh, and I did have reflections and photos from Taking it To the Streets, a bi-annual (every other year) festival in Marquette Park in Chicago. Look for it. Hopefully soon.

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