This is Chaos

Shooting a man in the head because he may/possibly appear to be a terrorist? It’s crazinesscrazy. When I was teaching last quarter, students asked if I knew terrorists, because I look like I may be related. I wonder if there would be any regret if this poor man had been Pakistani as they had suspected, instead of Brazilian.

Confession: stuff like this has been happening for a while around the world. But of course, as selfish as I am, it never hit me until now, when it seems anyone–like me–could become the next target. Similarly, 9/11 an the London bombings effect us the same way. These things have happened to others in the world before. But even while saying how horrible they were, I’m not sure I felt them. I really felt them when they started threatening my family’s security and happiness directly and the order that holds my life where it is.

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