Let me waste a few minutes

I have to write lessons for an interdisciplinary unit on chocolate. Someone remind me not to get all creative with this stuff next time. Being creative for real students is one thing, but I could have just as well done a conventional topic like Romeo and Juliet for this middle level education class. I’m also surveying high school students on whether they feel writing instruction is actually helpful to them outside of school. Can’t wait to be done. Just another week left, Alhamdulilah, before I can celebrate golden summer days.

Chicago area is going to have a Muslim Fest this Sunday. I have to go. So that means I have to finish my paper and get it out by Saturday. Can I do it?

I like Umm Zaid’s recent memes. They’re such a delicious waste of time. I did one one word (The fifty questions that ends up in 37 questions) but I closed the file without saving it. So that was that.

In other news, I’m very disappointed about the death in the new Harry Potter book. It was too sad. I love Fawkes, the phoenix. Hopefully he comes back in the next book. This website [spoiler warning] is dedicated to the belief that the person who died really isn’t dead. Wow, obviously there are people who have more time on their hands than I could have imagined. Maybe they don’t have time; it could be a part of their procrastination routine, as this post is a part of mine. I love the layout of that site. It’s clean and visually appealing. Speaking of which, I’m getting really annoyed at the layout of this blog. I’ll do something when I have time.

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