Service Week + Day One

Monday- an exciting and wholesome experience. Greeting old familiar faces and meeting the new and expectant filled me with warmth. The old teacher greeted me as if I were one of their own. I got off to a confident start. Downside: too many hours spent in administrative meetings.

Tuesday- Picking up from the positive energy of the previous day, I was happy to spend the morning planning. The first few hours of the study skills meeting were very productive. We talked about their importance and how to teach them. I’ve noticed myself much less rebellious about school policies. I used to detest textbooks and ‘required’ lesson-plans. Previously, I was only open to suggestions, not directions. I think I’ve learned that if ‘required’ lesson-plans are beneficial to my student, I won’t have the same resistance to them as I used to. Or may be I’m just getting old.

Wednesday- I was getting quite frustrated. The office hadn’t prepared my faculty binder even at this point. I had no idea what to do with certain courses that are newly begun–I had no guidance from the school. Most importantly, my course schedule was still not finalized. I was beginning to feel sorry I had rejoined. But I made duaa and got to work, and things soon started to turn around. Alhamdulilah. But once my nerves get ignited, it’s hard to put a stop to worrying.

Thursday- Last day for preparation. My partner D and I introduced S to our room. S teaches just one period in room. 218, but has no permanent space for her things at school. F joined us later in the room. The four of us began a cordial and supportive relationship, which is only two days old, but has many hopeful signs.

Friday- Strangely enough, I was nervous at first. But generally things went very smoothly. My classes practiced our first routine, which was to remain seated until they are dismissed. They performed beautifully. Only mishap: forgot to take attendance for the first period. Downside: did not have time to prepare for the first week of school.

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