The first few days

Both exhausting and exhilarating. I hope I don’t have to be on my feet this much for the whole year, because I’ve been very tired lately. Now that I’ve caught up with lesson planning, teaching has become much more fun. Yesterday, I was blown away, so to speak, by my 10th grade boys. From past experience, most boys find it difficult to quietly, respectfully listen to others’ journals. I did do one thing differently this year. In yeas past, I’ve simply instructed people to sit silently and listen. This year, I made it very personal. I told them that they would want respect from others, that their voices are important because everyone’s voice is important. I also let them know that I thought they were perfectly capable of listening with respect. Turns out they were.

In the tenth grade girls class, there are some really terrific writers. They write so much better than I do.

Yesterday, I also uncontrollably laughed at a student. She said something so funny and obvious, that it was impossible not to laugh. I’m going to apologize to her today.

Lastly, I’m trying to become a smiling person. I’ve realized how much easier my day is if I see smiling faces. It must be helpful for other students and teachers too.

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