Students, blogs, and too little time

Yesterday my 10th grade writers mentioned blogs as being a cool new way of publishing writing. It was exciting that my own little writers in the middle of burbia had heard of blogs (I didn’t mention my own blog). Of course, being very diligent girls, only one a few of them knew, and they used Xanga as a synonym for blogs. I mentioned that we may start our own group blog, which they were also very excited about.

Speaking of excitement, I’ve found myself to be very high strung (over strung?) these past few days. Ms. Ass. Principal is wonderful to work with. Her enthusiasm and sincerity show through everything. Unfortunately, I have a little difficulty understanding our principal sometimes, which can be a downer on some days.

On Tuesday, I talked to my tenth grade boys about getting to class on time no matter what was happening in the halls (this was because five out of twenty two of them had come in late). Yesterday, every single one was in class on time. They have such a terrific group dynamic, always helping each other to be respectful and hardworking.

Lately, I’ve been going to bed around 8:00 pm and waking at 3:00 am. That’s not a good schedule, especially when my neices and nephews are over for dinner. I’m going to fix it with coffee on Friday evening.

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