heart warming

I’m not able to offer housing, but it’s heartwarming to see my neighbors (people in the Chicago area) open their homes.

Also, an e-mail from the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago:

The Council has established a Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund, to alleviate
the sufferings of the hundreds of thousands of victims throughout the
southern states. Many mosques throughout the country are raising funds this
Friday; make sure your mosque joins this nation-wide effort.

It¹s time to act now and help those in need.

Please consider taking the following actions:

1. Donate to the Council¹s Katrina Relief Fund by sending your
tax-deductible donations today using one of two options:

a] Donate via the Council’s website by clicking on the Donate icon,
selecting ³Katrina Relief Fund² and making an on-line donation at
http://www.ciogc.org using our secure website payment mechanism.

b] Donate via checks payable to “CIOGC” – please indicate ³Katrina Relief
Fund² in the memo portion of your check and on your envelope, and mail these
to our office address below:

Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago
Attn: Katrina Relief Fund
330 East Roosevelt Rd.
Suite G5
Lombard, IL 60148

Houston Muslims are helping Katrina refugees who have arrived in Houston. A
mosque in New Orleans has taken in 200 victims of the hurricane. Other
interfaith organizations are assisting also. We can strengthen the efforts
of these institutions by donating generously.

2. We request Imams and Khateebs across Chicago to dedicate your Friday
sermons to the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina and collect donations to be sent
the Council.

While we are praying and thinking of the victims of Hurricane Katrina,
please remember the more than 1,000 Iraqis who died this week in a panic
situation. Also, consider those who are suffering in Niger and Mali from the
drought and what you can do to assist them. Remember the suffering of people
throughout the world.

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