my pathetic days off

Today: Yesterday O, my little bro, walked over to me and said, “your room smells like an abandoned subway station.”

And it did. We couldn’t figure out the cause of the smell, so I was planning to shampoo the carpet, in case one of my nephews or nieces did it while they were here weeks ago, and I just forgot about it.

Then this morning we woke up to turmoil. The water heater was leaking, and apparently had been for days without our knowledge.

Yesterday: We fasted for Arafat.

Sunday: Hmm, I just can’t remember…

Saturday: I gave a lousy workshop on working with the MSA, and then we went to a community dinner, attended by at least three hundred others. Christine Cegelis, whose running for IL-6 was there. I really like her, hope she wins, though she won’t be my congresswoman. Also, the keynote was by Voices in the Wilderness founder, Kathy Kelly, who I will invite to speak at our school if I can think of a good reason to have her come.

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  1. Sunday: attended fabulous party which your sister worked her butt off decorating, cooking, preparing, and cleaning (before and after) for, entirely by herself.

    You thankless hulk of meat you.

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