What my day might be

Its’ very easy for me to imagine how a day goes wrong, than how it may go right. So here’s an exercise in positive thinking…
It’s 5:36 am, and in about two hours, I’ll be crusing to school. I’ll likely listen to the radio, and I know I’ll hear depressing news… or I’ll listen to the Quran. Then, I’ll walk into school, look over the material for my first class, we’re still reading Antigone. May be the discussion will go smoothly. Then, I’ll have one hour to look over my evaluation from last week (the principal marked me as “satisfactory”), to create the rest of my journalism rubrics, to finish lesson plans for this week. Around 9:50, I’ll be meeting with principal about… everything. I’ll be honest and articulate. Then, I’ll head over to my fourth period, where we’ll also read Antigone. Then fifth period (this requires a stretch of imagination), my class will quietly work on their compositions. I’ll have study hall duty and then have my own lunch. Sixth period, we’ll also have quiet composition. It’ll be salat time, after which my ninth graders will practice their mythology skits, focused on their tasks and getting along. Eighth period, my journalism girls will have their drafts done, they’ll type them into the computers, I’ll show them their rubrics for the quarter, they’ll mail out letters to advertisers…

One Response

  1. Ma’am,

    I’m listening too “You were made by Allah,” and perhaps its making me a little sentimental, but I dearly miss peripheries…

    Write a blog entry or two, won’t you?

    “And when your world is crumbling
    with pain and darkness too
    Just look into your heart
    Allah is there for you…”

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