I feel like writing…

While cleaning this morning, I came across some papers I wrote last year during my masters program. None of the writing is what I’d be proud of. It’s atrocious. I want to take a few essays to my students and allow them to rip them apart for me.

Yesterday morning I taught an ACT English overview class. There’s no way I could do in two hours what I was expected to do. But, I think I did my best. I noticed the absence of something at the end of the class as students rushed out. Not a word of thanks. Students are used to thinking of teachers as their slaves or their employees. So when I take a Saturday morning, and at least three hours the day before to prepare and introduce important info… they pretty much feel that they got what they deserved. Humph! I was working myself up to have a depressing week after that point. But Alhamdulilah! I realized that I need to stop looking for rewards for my deeds from ordinary people.

I have a secret admission: I spy on my students by reading their personal blogs. It’s not a wrong thing to do, since all their blogs are personal, and they didn’t use pseudonyms.

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