An Inconvenient Truth

I watched Al Gore’s movie by yesterday. It was as quite good, considering it’s based on a power-point presentation. He connects the dots easily for every viewer, I think. I was really curious to know more though; however, ninety minutes is probably a good length for most viewers. My sister said afterwards that it would be good to have it on a DVD so she could re-watch certain segments. I agree, and I think I might buy the book as well. One thing I wished he did more directly, because I do thinking he hinted at this, was to show that the climate crisis is a moral crisis because it results from our over-consumption, and putting our very comfortable lifestyles above everything else. Some viewers though would have been offended by more direct criticism.

Many of my family and friends laugh at my respect for some politicians, such as Al Gore. I think if they would carefully observe (those are two different links), they would notice that its unfair to dismiss Gore because of his fellow Democrats or because he has been a politician.

An Inconvenient Truth helps me to understand the devastation our consumption has caused. As I watched the film, I was thinking that I needed to fast–and more than just from food. Our entire nation needs to go on a sort of fast to check our gluttony and the waste its producing.

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