update and stuff

Hello world 🙂 I am of course referring to the three individuals who regularly check this little decaying dead end lot of cyberspace. I should not feel this need to excuse myself for engaging in this self-indulgent exercise. But I do, so there it is.

Now onto why I haven’t been posting:

  • I’ve been semi-cutoff from the world for the last few weeks, attending a wonderful program in Michigan. I have a lot of notes and details that need synthesizing. And I should do that now, since I have to give a presentation tomorrow, but I’m too lazy. I think. Maybe.
  • So since I’ve been living a hermit’s life–albeit with about forty-five other people–I’ve only this week begun to absorb the enormity of what’s happening in Lebanon. And at this moment, I’m praying.
  • School beings in two and a half weeks and my so-called “August Dreams and Nightmares” have begun dominating my sleep. Although August beings tomorrow, of course.

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