writing instruction

So yes, I have that privileged task of teaching people to write. One of my bright shining stars said the other day, “you can’t teach people to write.” The grin was just forming on my face, since this is exactly what I always say, “your teacher can show you the door, but you must walk through it.” (Yes, I know Confucius must have said it first.) But the kid was pouting–or nearly pouting–at this point. “People just have the writing thing or they don’t.”

“No, no, NO!” I wanted to say, “It’s a lonely thing which you come to. It’s a process your mind comes to. It is creation and it has to be inspired. You must sit for hours and practice…”

The rest of them took notice of my vigorous denials, but then they began talking about the people in their class that had the “writing thing.”

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  1. It’s a lonely thing you come to… oh that’s true!

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