Ramadan is here!

I started a secret (there’s not much to read yet) Ramadan blog, but I’m having trouble keeping it up. So here’s an update.

Today, I’ve had more clarity in my salat then I have in a very long time. And having fasted three days, Ramadan goodness is eeking out of every cell in my body. So I’m going to wish all my students Ramadan Mubarak once again, this time it’ll be more sincere, less automatic. But maybe I shouldn’t, I think students are tired of my displays of what they consider eccentricity.

Hmm… I’m very behind in reading Quran, unfortunately. Hoping to catch up on weekends.

Our school day is tiring, since they cut out lunch break and dismiss students an hour early.

On my del.icio.us you’ll find several excellent Ramadan links…

I’ve been thinking, Ramadan is so totally special, yet I have difficulty finding writing that truly reflects this… I’m thinking of having my students write on this…

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