I don’t recommend you read this post, and that’s not a gimmic to get you to read it.

I don’t want to write, at all. But I’m beginning to fear that in fact I’m losing my ability to formulate coherent and relevent ideas. That doesn’t mean that what I’m about to write is going to make any sense whatsoever to anyone, but as long as I can type, it may mean that eventually I can say something meaningful, hopefully.

1. My nephew asked me just now, adorably and sweetly, to take him outside to play. But I really need to clean my room. And I really want to go to sleep. Adorable nephew will not always come asking me for sweet favors, so maybe I should oblige while I have the opprutunity. On the other hand, my room is disgusting and disorganized and I can’t do anything in it as it is.

2. There’s an interesting article in the Nation by Barbara Ehrenreich called “The HIgher Education Scam” which brings to mind my own ambivelence about my level of education? Did I recieve appropriate education? Were my four years of undergraduate education worth it? Would I have learned the same or more had I not attended a tradition high school or college? Did I really learn much at all? As a teacher, I have the opprutunity to constantly expand in areas of education in which I’m deficient. Teaching requires expertise and to teach you have to strive for that in whatever you are doing. Over the last few years, I’ve learned to make sense of texts and grammar concepts that I never did quite do in college…………..z..

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  1. а все таки: неподражаемо…

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