Instructions for American Servicemen in Iraq During World War II

All Things Considered discussed this little manual. Its refreshing because its so non-judgmental. Take a look at this excerpt:

In the desert the customs are much the same as in the country, except that there is less variety in the food. You may be offered only some bread and milk or soured milk, like buttermilk. These people are poor and are offering you the best they have. You must not refuse it – but do not take too much.

You can read more at the NPR website linked above. I think prior to global propaganda against Muslims and of course global disrepute some Muslims have brought on the rest of us, there were times when good people could look at another foreign culture and see how it had its own nobility. They could also see an others cultural practices, and instead of needing to demean it or criticize for simply being different, they could appreciate it, not feeling the need to alter it. Yeah, I know, I’m totally romanticizing the past. And yes, I know that openness to others was not a cultural norm in America. I think what I’m saying (yeah, a very confused person) is that there were possibilities of better interaction in the past, which are pretty much closed to us now.

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