awesome Muslim websites

Came across Community Quran yesterday. They have the Arabic, the transliteration, and five translations plus footnotes, all side by site. Their tag line: The Qur’an belongs to us all, not just to scholars. Here you can search it, tag it, learn from it, and share your thoughts on it. A lot of potential there!

Also, Mutmainaa, which is a resource for a lot of basic information about Islam, faith and practice–I’m quite sure there was a book by that title in our Islamic studies curriculum as kids. Reminded me of those old days before blogs when everyone used to build their pages on geocities and

A Muslim a Day, featuring a Muslim a day through photography. Found through Umm Zaid’s blogroll.

Lesson of the Day, also found through Umm Zaid’s blogroll, reminds me of one of my favorite Internet Islam services, Friday Nasiha.

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